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Dear Father in Heaven, although I know in my mind you make no mistakes, still, there is something that brings me great concern. You see, my mother, the woman whom you choose to bring me to birth, is sometimes so very distant from me. Her harsh words are often painful to my ears. My love for you is great, dear Father. I work day and night to please you by loving others as you have commanded. Yet I so often feel unloved myself, abandoned by my own mother; sometimes I feel as though you are punishing me through the tortuous relationship with my mother.

"No, my dear child, I am not abandoning you, I am using you. I must answer many prayers- including your mother's as well as yours. You see the mother I choose for you needs your love. You were born to her not for your benefit but for hers!

"Dear one, I knew you would be strong and kind in praying for mother for she does not have the strength to pray for herself, to love herself.

"My promise never to forsake nor abandon remains true; Through your love, as demanding as it is required of you, I am being faithful to your mother. Give her my love through your love." Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for the mother you have chosen to be mine. I will continually lift her to you in prayer. I will love her. Thank you for teaching me and trusting me to love as you love. Amen.

Allison Gingras Mother – Author - Blogger