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Dearest Mother, Was there ever a night when you stayed up far too late, relishing the quiet at the end of a busy day, opening your heart in prayer, thankful to finally be alone? In that moment of solitude, did you then hear the soft lullaby of your child's breath as he sighed in his sleep? And did you feel yourself being pulled to go to your child, abandoning your quiet, forsaking your solitude? Did you lay down next to him, nestled close, feeling the precious rise and fall of his breath against your bosom as you cradled him in comfort? Did your heart then recognize what you were truly grateful for - not the time to be alone, but rather, the quiet to hear your own heart bursting with gratitude? Did you, at that moment, feel overcome with joy for the gift you had been given - another precious day with your dear child? Oh Mother in Heaven, did you too ever stay up just late enough to breathe in the realization that being alone is never what you truly want and need? What you desire is just what you have: the wondrous gift of Motherhood, the gift of love. Oh, dear Mother, how I love and give thanks for my child as you did for yours. Please pass my gratitude on to your child, your Son, for the treasure of my beloved child. Ask your son, dear Mary, to help me give a love beyond all telling just as you did in caressing your Son. And, Mother, thank you, too, for wrapping me in your gracious care and tender love. How blessed I am to be your daughter. Amen.

Martianne Stanger Mother – Teacher – Blogger