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A Child's Prayer for Mom

Oh, Lord, please bless my Mommy. Bless her in all the ways you can, because I know you can do anything that is your will and I believe it is your will that Mommy be blessed. I love you, Lord. Amen.

Nina Stanger Daugther, 8 years old

In gratitude

Dear Mary - Mother of God, We share our gratitude for all the mom's in our lives and in the lives of the children they love and influence. We invite your intercession and blessing for those Moms who are struggling and for those Moms who are no longer with us. We offer our appreciation for the grace of your "fiat," your "yes" to become the mother of Jesus.
We offer our affirmation, support and gratitude to our Moms for the grace of their "yes" even in the midst of the many tribulations and sacrifices they have undertaken on our behalf. We bless you, honor you and love you, dear Mother Mary. Your love, your "yes" is so beautifully reflected in the love and the "fiat" of our own wonderful mothers who love us as your loved your beloved Son. Amen.

Bonnie Rodgers Mother – Daughter – Producer

A Child's Blessing for his or her Mother

Lord, please bless my mother. May she always see me as You do. May her patience never find its end. When she finds it difficult to love, Lord, supply her with yet even more love from Your own heart. Lord, may you sustain her when she grows weary, comfort her when she suffers and give her joy in her vocation as mother. Lord, may she always know she is loved by You and by the child who gives her today this heartfelt blessing. Amen.

Blythe Kaufman Mother – Teacher – Blogger

Reconciling Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven, although I know in my mind you make no mistakes, still, there is something that brings me great concern. You see, my mother, the woman whom you choose to bring me to birth, is sometimes so very distant from me. Her harsh words are often painful to my ears. My love for you is great, dear Father. I work day and night to please you by loving others as you have commanded. Yet I so often feel unloved myself, abandoned by my own mother; sometimes I feel as though you are punishing me through the tortuous relationship with my mother.

"No, my dear child, I am not abandoning you, I am using you. I must answer many prayers- including your mother's as well as yours. You see the mother I choose for you needs your love. You were born to her not for your benefit but for hers!

"Dear one, I knew you would be strong and kind in praying for mother for she does not have the strength to pray for herself, to love herself.

"My promise never to forsake nor abandon remains true; Through your love, as demanding as it is required of you, I am being faithful to your mother. Give her my love through your love." Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for the mother you have chosen to be mine. I will continually lift her to you in prayer. I will love her. Thank you for teaching me and trusting me to love as you love. Amen.

Allison Gingras Mother – Author - Blogger

A Middle of the Night Prayer

Dearest Mother, Was there ever a night when you stayed up far too late, relishing the quiet at the end of a busy day, opening your heart in prayer, thankful to finally be alone? In that moment of solitude, did you then hear the soft lullaby of your child's breath as he sighed in his sleep? And did you feel yourself being pulled to go to your child, abandoning your quiet, forsaking your solitude? Did you lay down next to him, nestled close, feeling the precious rise and fall of his breath against your bosom as you cradled him in comfort? Did your heart then recognize what you were truly grateful for - not the time to be alone, but rather, the quiet to hear your own heart bursting with gratitude? Did you, at that moment, feel overcome with joy for the gift you had been given - another precious day with your dear child? Oh Mother in Heaven, did you too ever stay up just late enough to breathe in the realization that being alone is never what you truly want and need? What you desire is just what you have: the wondrous gift of Motherhood, the gift of love. Oh, dear Mother, how I love and give thanks for my child as you did for yours. Please pass my gratitude on to your child, your Son, for the treasure of my beloved child. Ask your son, dear Mary, to help me give a love beyond all telling just as you did in caressing your Son. And, Mother, thank you, too, for wrapping me in your gracious care and tender love. How blessed I am to be your daughter. Amen.

Martianne Stanger Mother – Teacher – Blogger

Prayer for a Deceased Mother

Holy Mary, Mother of God: Bless all mothers, for their unsung daily sacrifices, their common sense, their patient endurance, their love and their joy.
Help us to honor our mothers for that which is most precious and most unique to womanhood: the ability to bring new life into the world.

Look over my sainted mother, who gave me so much more than I was able to give her: unwavering loyalty, a love of music, books, nature, silence and a contemplative heart. She instilled within me a distaste for artifice and small talk while implanting a desire for truth and meaning.

Help all of us women to treat one another as sisters and friends, never as rivals. We pray for all mothers and all children through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Heather King Daughter – Author - Blogger

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