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Lord: Why do I find it so hard to forgive, forgive others and to forgive myself? It is something I experience often and try hard not to let it disturb me or upset others because of my weakness. I sometimes think I know what St. Paul meant when he said he experienced a thorn in his flesh. This weakness is a thorn in my flesh but also a daily reminder” to forgive my trespasses and to forgive those who trespass against me”. Amen.

Blessing of the Home

Father, bless this roof that it may shelter and protect; bless these walls that they may warm and guard; bless these doors that they may open onto the world. May the light of your Son, Jesus, live in this house and may it radiate forth from all who live here. Amen


Lord: I am grateful to you for breaking the chains of addiction and carrying the shame that has held me bound for so long. I have tried to fix my problem forgetting that you sacrificed your life to take care of me. I turn to you knowing that my life is in your hands and this gives me comfort and hope. Amen.

A Thank You

Lord: Saying thank you is something I need to do more often. Sometimes I take people for granted and seem to think that what they do is expected of them when it really isn’t. Saying thank you lets the other person know that I not only appreciate them for what they have done for me but also for who they are. I need to remember that a thank you from me honors someone you created and gifted. I need to remember that when I am thanking another I am also thanking the Other, the Christ within them. Amen


Lord: Each morning upon waking I try to say a brief prayer of gratitude for my life, for the roof over my head, for family, food on my table, for those who surround me and lastly for my health. I pray that I may keep safe the life and body you have gifted me with and should for whatever reason my health is diminished let me always remember that everything and all of us are part of your plan. Amen.

Peace in the Family

Father, I need your help to remain single-hearted in doing your will. It is so easy to get distracted and called away from doing your will. Even in our homes and with our families, the stress of balancing home life, work, school, church, and so many other things can cause us to lose our focus on you. In the stress, we can even lose sight of the reason why we do all these things—the love of you and of our families themselves. Give me the serenity and peace of mind that I do not lose my focus. Amen

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