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Thankful for Dad

Dear Dad, I am so grateful for the walks, the talks and many laughs we share. You guide me in many ways and now that I’ve become a parent, I appreciate your wisdom more than ever. I ask God’s blessing on you now and always.

Bless My Dad

Dear Dad, I know God Our Father in Heaven loves me, because he gave me you as my father on earth. I thank the Lord for that gift every day. I love you and pray for you today and always. In Christ’s name. Amen

Special Day

Heavenly Father, I ask a special blessing for my father this day as he guides our family and provides for all our needs. He is always there for us no matter the time of day or the circumstance. Please bless him not just on Father’s day but on all days. Amen

Blessing For Fathers

Bless our Father this day for giving us life, for the sacrifices he makes each day for our peace and comfort, for the fun and joy he shares with us, and especially for his faithfulness to us and to you Lord.

He Gave Me You

Heavenly Father, today with joy I remember my own Dad. My memories of the special times I had with him, especially those that I enjoyed on holidays, his birthdays and Father’s Day. Keep the goodness of his life and presence alive in me and bless him with a special place among the great fathers in heaven. Amen

Heart of Joy

Now that I’m an adult, Dad, I understand how challenging it is to be a parent. Seems I appreciate you more and more each day. You've instilled in me the faith and values upon which all my decisions in life are based. Through your earthly example, I understand better the unconditional love, protection and guidance of our heavenly Father. And I thank Him for blessing me with you.

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