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Grateful Mother

Today I send this greeting with an attitude of gratitude that I feel my heart. This expression of gratitude comes as a reciprocation of love, laughter, peace and energy that you brought to my life. Through my prayer today I am happy to present to the Lord, your family and your concerns through the intercession of our Heavenly Mother. By offering everything in the hands of the Lord may you experience the blessings that come in hundred fold into your life and your family. Holy Mary Mother of God and our Mother, pray for us.

Attitude of Mary

I am happy to send this promise of love, joy and care to you. Today I pray that the Lord may bless you with a generous attitude of love like our Heavenly Mother. May you continue to spread the joy and laughter among your family members and loved ones, may you receive the care as you cared for those whom you love and those whom you come in contact with.

Joy of Being a Mother

Mother Mary is a Mother who embraced the reality as it is. May She help you to accept the reality leading a life here and now joyfully. May your motherhood be blessed today with the blessings of our joyful Mother Mary. As you make every effort to be a joyful mother, may you overcome all the small and big challenges of your motherhood. I am confident that you will experience the power of this prayer through the intercession of our Heavenly Mother. Stay blessed always.

Blessing For My Children

Loving God, you are the giver of all we possess. I want to thank you and praise you for the gift of my children. Bless them and guide them with your Holy Spirit.

Accepting God's Will

You are in my prayers today. I ask the Lord to give you the graces to do what He wants of you today and every day, even when you are not sure of everything. Like our Mother Mary, may you have a deeper commitment to accept the will of God, may you know that God is intimately with you, and may you experience His joy in your life. May your love for your family be ever truer, ever more fruitful and long lasting.

My Wish For You

May the Lord be with you to protect you. May He watch over, keep you in his care and bless you with his peace.

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